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Monday, 30 June 2008

The Green Man

In class we've done Creative Art's Week. We've learnt about the Green man. There are pictures of him. He represents nature. He is green and he has got leaves all over him. He is kind of scary, but he helps your garden and keeps plants safe. In class we made our own stencils. It was really tricky to make stencils. We read a story called Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Refugee Week

Last week was Refugee Week and we were learning all about refugees. A refugee is a person who has to leave their home because there is a disaster or they are not safe. Refugees can come from Afghanistan, Albania, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Sudan, Somalia, Turkey, Pakistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe. There are so many refugees because there are so many disasters and wars in their country.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Creative Arts Week

On the first day of creative arts week we read Gawain and the Green Knight. It was scary because Gawain cut the Green Knight's head off and the Green Knight picked its head up and went. That why it is very scary. We drew a picture of him. On the next day we were putting cloves into oranges and it is going to smell so nice. We are going to sell them at the summer fair, if you want to buy one.

Creative Arts Week

This week is Creative Arts Week. We have been making oranges with cloves in them. Then the orange is going to go black and it is going to smell beautiful. It can last forever. Cloves were used in Tudors times. They used it if they had a tooth ache and when bad smells came they used cloves to cover the smell.

Cloves and Oranges

On 17th of June we were making clove oranges. We had to stick cloves into oranges. Making clove oranges is fun and they smell beautiful. The whole class is making clove oranges.

Clove Oranges

In Creative Arts Week we are making clove oranges and were using cloves to make great designs. Most of us used too many cloves and then ran out them. Then we were looking on the internet for cheap prices of big bags of cloves. We use cloves because they have a good smell and they stop the oranges from rotting.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Creative Arts Week

In class we are doing Creative Arts Week. We are having fun and making clove oranges. They have a lovely smell. It has taken about two days to finish them but the cloves can poke you. We are celebrating traditional England.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cake Sale

For our fund-raising activity we are doing a cake sale. In cooking we have been making biscuits and pizzas. The cake sale will be on 14th July 2008. We are doing lots of types of cakes and some people are going to bake some cakes at their home. Each Wednesday we go cooking and we make about twenty one cakes or biscuits.

Visit to Eastbury Manor House

On Monday 9th June we went to a place called Eastbury Manor House. There we found out about Tudors. We saw what the clothes looked like and we saw how the rooms looked. We learnt how to say hello (good morrow) and goodbye (fare thee well). We saw some fruits and herbs growing in the garden and they told us that they used to burn bricks and make patterns like hearts and diamonds in the walls. The stairs were really scary because they were old and steep and they were in a spiral.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

How Shadows are Formed

In science we were learning about light and shadows. We were learning how they were formed. We learned that whichever way the sun is facing the shadow is always on the opposite side. The only thing that is impossible is to draw your own shadow of your hand because shadows move with you.
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