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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Learning about ICT!

Hi all, I am currently being taught how to use a variety of ICT programs. Miss Jensen is sharing her expertise skills to assist myself and Mrs.Dean. I will soon be a computer whiz! :)


I have written for the first time today reports for 6J. I have written them for History, Geography and Music. I have completed three so have many more to do!!

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Looking Back

Hi, my name is Matthew and I have really enjoyed my final year at Becontree. From playing with my friends to meeting and making new friends.

Moving on

I'm going to Sydney Russell along with my friends George, Andrew, Joe, John and Josh.

About this year

Hello, our names are Neve and Cortney and our nicknames are Tinkz and Suga and this blog is
about our final year at Becontree primary.


First we will talk about SATs. For all you year fives out there going to be year sixs don't get stressed over SATs because they're easy. All the teachers will tell you everything you need to know and all you have to do is remember it really, that's all I did.
Our teachers helped us very much throughout the hard times.

Throughout year six

Me and Cortney have had so much fun and laughter this year. I can't explain it, really no seriously I can't, but by the way I said that I bet you can tell how much fun we have had with Miss Payson and Miss Jensen this year.

School year!

Me and Neve have had an excellent final year at Becontree . Our teachers have especially played a important role in our lives as they taught us well for our important SATs tests. As well as our mates who have encouraged us with making the right choices .

Moving on ! :)

Luckily for me and Neve we are both going to Eastbury Comprehensive School. Also our other mates Emma, Danielle, Bernard, Sohail and Charlie B are coming Eastbury.

Our final goodbye ! :)

Thank you Becontree for all our great years and happy moments . :)

Cortney and Neve ! :)

Friday 23 January 2009


Hi, our names are Alice and Tawana.
We both have been studying our butts off for the last couple of weeks. Our S.A.T.S are going to start in May, so we'll have to revise as hard as we can. We really want to get great results because we could get in a good secondary school.
Do you have a few tips you could give us during our tests?
If you do, please send us a comment.

Stop Bullying

What we think about bullying:

We think people should stop bullying because it hurts people's feelings and makes them cry. Some people get bullied about their family because they have something wrong with them. It is not nice so please stop bulling. We think it is wrong to bully people so lets stop bullying or you will have no friends.



Our names are Kasia and Ria we will tell you about our days in Trewern. We are from Becontree Primary School in Dagenham.

The activities were...................

  1. Caving
  2. Gorge Walking
  3. Canoeing
  4. Hay-On-Wye (SHOPPING !!!!)
  5. Rock Climbing
  6. Archery
The week was SO great we didn't want to leave!
I hope you can have the experience to go too!!!

Our English Group

I'm Georgina and my friend here is called Josie and we are going to tell you about our English group in school. Me and Josie are in the top English group, the highest you can get. In English we do all sorts of different types of writing.

We sit together in the hall. Our English teacher is called Miss Payson. She is very calm and very intelligent, that's why were so good at English, because we follow her instructions. Sometimes English can be very difficult at times but we still write fantastic work.


My name is Tara Tutu and I went Trewern. Trewern is a outdoor activity center which the school (Becontree pimary school) provide for us so that a group of year 6 go and do activities and stay there for a whole week, without any phones, only postcards to send to our family. I found it was very exciting.

Monday 19 January 2009

Video Games

Hi our names are James and George. We are going to talk about our favorite video games. George's favorite video games are the Simpson's game, Gears of War and Nintendogs. James' favorite video games are Mario Cart DS, Spore DS and Pokemon Diamond. So we have told you about our favorite video games so tell us yours please. Leave us a comment to tell us your favourites.

School Days

Hello!! my name is Callan and my pals are Kye and Billy and we go a school at Becontree primary school. At Becontree primary school the children often support WEST HAM! My pals Kye and Billy mess around like doughnuts. Often at Becontree we do lots of things like Maths, English and Science and also P.E. or art!

Hello! My name is Kye and my best pals are Callan and Billy. My favourite subject is Science and Maths.

Hello!! my name is Billy and I support WEST HAM and they're the best team in the world. At Becontree primary school most of the kids support Manchester United or WEST HAM or LIVERPOOL or Chelsea. But WEST HAM nearly beat Manchester. At Becontree primary school we do lots of things like subjects and they are really good. But my best subject is Maths and English, sometimes Science.

An Exciting Week At Trewern!

Hey! Our names are Cortney and Tyla and we are going to tell you all about our amazing encounter at Trewern. It all started on our six hour journey to the border of Wales. Half way through our journey we all stopped for some rest and lunch. After we had all eaten our lunch we were able to set off for are other half of the trip.

Finally we arrived at our destination and had to take all the suitcases out of the bus before it left. Next we all had to meet up in the lounge and they told us all the instructions we needed to know. After being told we all set upstairs with our heavy suitcases. Next we had to unpack our luggage.

After an hour we all went on a night walk. When we got back we had hot chocolate and strolled up the stairs for bed. After doing so many exciting and giggly activities we finally reached the last day and were able to go see our parents. When we got back school was just ending and all the parents were waiting to see us.

Our New Years Resolutions

Our names are Ria and Linda and we are going to tell you what our New Years Resolutions are.

My name is Ria and I am going to tell you my New Years Resolutions.
1. To start a club ( I have started a drama group.)
2. To stop arguing with my older sister.

My name is Linda and I am going to tell you my New Years Resolutions.
1. To stop talking back to my mum.
2. To stop fighting with my little brother.

My Best Friends

Since I have started Yr 6 I have made a lot friends who have cared for me so much that I have never felt as like that before in my school life. I suppose that you don't know me that much so here are a few things about me:
Birthday:3rd of February
Those are some details about me (you don't want too know too much, trust me). Back to the subject. My best friends are : Deja, Charlie, Joe,Tara and Neema.

Please remember that whatever you say that is unkind and you try to take those words back, you can't, so say nice things to each other. If you go to Becontree primary you know what is right from wrong so please if you have any problems talk to School Council, Buddies, class teachers, dinner ladies, teacher on duty, Mrs Kent and last but not least Mr Peacock. Follow the school rules, those will help you get thorough the whole year.

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments and see you at school :) '*)

Good Friendship

Hi , our names are Neema and Danielle.

We are going to talk about fun friendship. We are best friends and we have a lot of fun., like when we decided to create funny jokes on what we should write about. By the way when you are such good friends with someone don't go against them like lying or using their trust. Think of their feelings and how they will get badly hurt. Imagine how you would feel if they did it to you. These are a few of the poems we made together:

My name is Neema I'm a fashion Queen,
Don't disagree cos I'm the best you've ever seen.

Hi hi I'm Danielle and I love animals,
I have a dog and cat who are cute and don't say no!!!

Monday 12 January 2009

Studying with Miss Jensen :-)

It's very fun studying with Miss Jensen because she is so nice and she knows everything about I.C.T. If we're good she gives us little prizes, that is why it's so fun. Miss Jensen is great at all subjects. She always give us a little something every day; if it's not a prize, it's a sticker to say we did well in the lesson. Miss Jensen always tells her groups all about her life when she was a little kid. Today she told us when she was born, her first home and what school she went to. In her class she always makes me laugh. She always teaches us something new.

THAT'S WHY SHE'S SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 9 January 2009

My New Year Resolution

My name is Tara and I want to tell you about my resolution. What my resolution is going to be about is to stay healthy and getting to enjoy my life. Healthy food is a big thing for me because in the past I have tried but have not succeed to eat healthily, also I am going to exercise for 2 hours a day. So that is my new years resolution.

By Tara Tutu

Respect Tickets

In Becontree school, if we show respect then we get a respect ticket for showing our best behaviour. Then we go to assembly every day but on Monday our head teacher or deputy head will draw a winning ticket. If they call our name out we get to pick a prize. Respect tickets are given to us if we are good and we are listen to a teacher like Mrs Stonier and other teachers. When our names are called we all feel happy and excited. We have prizes like teddies, games and board games, face paints, art and craft and top trumps. We keep our prizes in a special glass cabinet that the head teacher or deputy head will unlock with a silver key. So now you know about respect tickets.
Charlie & Holly

S.A.Ts in Becontree Primary School

We are Danielle, Kasia and Ria from Becontree Primary School, England. We have had a new teacher called Miss Jensen. Since Miss Jensen started at Becontree Primary School we have had all sorts of fun. Because we are studying for our SATs we have been split into 4 groups (The whole year group). Some are in Miss Payson's group, some are in Miss Jensen's group, some are in Mrs Stonier's group and some are in Mrs Deans group. We are studying for our SATs (Very hard) with revision. Maths, Science and English are just the beginning.

New Years Resolutions

My name is Tawana and I have decided that I needed to improve on some things which are:

I will tidy my room.
Not shout at my mum and dad.
Stop fighting with my brother and sister.
Get better at my science.
Lose weight.
Share my stuff and special objects with my family.
Spend more time with my family and stop going to friends house all the time.

By Tawana

Christmas Presents!

Dear world,

We, Georgina and Emma, are here to tell you about what we got for Christmas.

I'm Georgina and I had a extremely brilliant Christmas. I had a lots of presents. I got, from my mum, a Nintendo Wii, bath things, a book, a phone, a giraffe hot water bottle and from my dad I got Jacqueline Wilson books, an art craft set, Hannah Montana colouring set, 5 Nintendo games, sweets, a selection box of chocolate, monopoly (the proper one), a calender, annuals of Doctor Who and Bratz, a pen, Wall-e and St trinians DVDs , Narnia Prince Caspian and from my brother I got a pair of Converse trainers which are so cool!

Hi, I'm Emma and I had a great Christmas as well. I didn't get as many presents as Georgina but thoroughly enjoyed them. From my mum, I got a new mobile phone and a mamma Mia DVD. From my dad I got a 2009 diary, 3 pens, a tiny cow and perfumes. From my brother I got Winnie the Pooh and Tigger slippers. From my nan I got Mario kart on Nintendo DS and a High School Musical locker. From my auntie I got an adult's make up set for my dancing and boots. I also got about £35 in cash.

So readers, give us comments!
from Emma and Georgina

Thursday 8 January 2009

A Fresh Start

This is it - a new school and a new term has started. I am handing the blog to another new class (or two this time round). So year 6 - look after it and handle it well. It has been in very good hands so far and you will have to work hard to keep up the high standard! Good luck and enjoy!

- Miss J