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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Blog Restored

I have spent several hours today, re-posting most of the deleted posts from our blog. I am aware there are 2 or 3 that I didn't manage to save so we will need to re-write these. A couple of the posts are also still missing their photos but I can add these once we get back to school.

This has been a lesson for me. Perhaps I was too trusting with the password, or maybe naive to think that it would be safe to allow children access at home. Either way I will need to re-think how our blog will work from now on.

Class 4, I have been hoping all week that the deletion of all your posts was an unfortunate accident. I promise you that I will continue to investigate until I have an answer for you.

- Miss J

Friday, 23 May 2008

Sad News

Checking our blog this evening, I am devastated to find that most of our posts have been deleted. It can only have been done by someone in our class since our password is required to edit and delete posts. I can only assume that this act was deliberate since to delete all posts except mine would take clicking delete on 21 separate posts, posts which the children have worked on incredibly hard.

I am sad to think that someone in our class could be cruel enough to deliberately destroy the work of others. I know when the work was deleted because I was online at the time and I have the IP address and location of the only visitor to our blog at that time. I will follow this up.

Meanwhile I have tried very hard to save as much of your work as possible, class 4 and I will do my best to restore our blog. Since someone is determined to ruin our work, I have removed the class posting privileges until we solve this unhappy mystery.

- Miss J


This is it class 4; our last half-term together is approaching fast (not too fast though I hope! You have worn me out and I need my holiday!).

I had to say what I brilliant job I think you have done with our blog. I think your other readers would agree. You have come up with lots of great ideas and I think that your posts are getting more and more interesting. I am so glad that I am going to have a reminder of your work and our time in class together for years to come.

Don't forget to keep thinking about those posts and send me an email if you get a good idea in the holidays.

- Miss J

How High Is Up?

Yesterday we went to the Redbridge Centre and saw How High Is Up?. The Sun and Moon were up in the heavens dancing every time, turning the earth around. Then the moon looked through the telescope. Ong Gia said to Little Star I need to tell you something and it is really important: everyone dies. But Little Star would not understand. I really liked the part when Little Star started to break things and the part when she ran away because it really built my attention and emotion. You should go and see it if you have a chance because it is really interesting.

How High is Up?

In this play Little star picks seeds for herself, the birds, the squirrels and for the trees. The characters names are the Bird With No Wings, Little Star, Ong Gia, the Sun and the Moon. I like when she went to the silent snow wizard because he took his coat off and he was Ong Gia. It made me emotional because it felt sad for little star when Ong Gia died. This play had emotion and it would touch our feelings. I think the story was trying to tell us that nobody lives forever, if somebody is going to die say a proper goodbye.

How High is Up?

Yesterday we went to Redbridge Drama Centre and saw How High is up? by Theatre Centre. The characters were The bird with no wings,Ong Gia, Little Star and the Sun and Moon. Ong Gia said that he was to die and Little Star was so furious. Then I liked it when the stage turned around and another season came up. When Ong Gia said the he was going to die and I started to cry a bit. I would recommend this play because it is magical.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Safety on the Internet

Do you want to be safe on the Internet? Well listen to these rules.

1. Never give your address.
2. Do not give your school address.
3. Never give out your friend's names.
4. Never ever give your phone number.
5. Don't give your full name.

Helping Plants Grow

In science we have learnt about plants. To make a plant grow it would need light, water, and nutrients. If you want a plant to be healthy you would need to give it all the stuff it needs. If you don't then eventually your plant is going to die. Try the game above; let's see if you can keep your plant alive.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs are trained to keep blind people safe and they help the blind a lot. They even help them cross the road, go to work and go home. We learned that when a Guide dog is working you should not disturb them.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Picture Frames

In topic we have been learning how to make picture frames. First we had to get a piece of cardboard for the back. Then we had to stick cardboard strips onto the back and we had to do mitred corners. These are corners that had to be cut at forty five degrees and then we had to stick them together and we have ninety degree corners. Then we had to stick the stand on and decorate our frames.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Sketching Realistic Eyes

In art we have been learning how to draw realistic noses and eyes. My task was hard because I was drawing two people's eyes. If you look at the picture of the eyes it looks easy, but it is hard.

To do the eyes we need to look at the person's eyes carefully and use a pencil to do shading. But we did complete it and made it look realistic.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


In art we have been learning about dreams. We went home and found things that reminded us about one of our dreams and we talked about our dreams. In our sketch books we drew a dream and we went in the playground in a group we took photos to make our dream. I took a really good photo and we put it on the computer and put effects to make it better.

Smartie Answers

Our statement was false. The least frequent colour was the red Smartie and the most frequent was the blue Smartie. The Orange Smartie was the 2nd least frequent. Although most of the colours had more Smarties than the Orange, red still had fewer than Orange. We have done these graphs to show our results.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


In history we have been doing work about Tudors. Tudors were at the time 1845 AD. Tudors wore lots of layers of clothes. First women and men wore plain white material used as shirts. Next women wore a dress made of wool then a jacket. Men wore jackets with a hole to carry a knife. There was cord to tighten the jacket. Men also wore a hat with a feather. They had trousers called doublet.

Our Fund-raising Activity

We have planned a fund-raising activity for guide dogs for the blind and it has turned out to be like a mini cafe with drinks, pizza (mini) and cakes. We voted for a couple of things that are a bouncy castle, an obstacle course, a puppet show, (mini) pizzas, drinks and cakes and a competition.

Smartie Experiment

Yesterday afternoon in maths we did an investigation about Smarties. Our question was 'are there fewer orange smarties than any other colour?' We had to separate all the colours and then do a tally chart to record our results. Then we ate them. Today we are going to write our results into a pie chart to answer the question.

All About Shadows

Shadows are formed when light is blocked. The sun looks like it's moving but it isn't, the earth is. It goes around the sun and while it's doing that it spins around.

Tudor Times

We had a visitor from the museum who came to talk about the Tudors. Keerthana and Yusuf dressed up in the Tudor costumes and looked very good in them. We looked at stuff like spoons, plates, shoes, candle light and a thing that you clean with. It was fun!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tudors Visit

On the 7th of May a lady called Catherine came in from a museum to teach us about the Tudors and how they lived.

Two people from our class dressed up as Thomas and his wife Constance and they looked very hot because they had to wear lots of layers of thick clothes and in the Tudor times they had to wear all those clothes to show-off.


Shadows are formed when light is blocked. When you put your hand in front of a light source then the shadow is made under your hand. If the light source is behind any object the shadows will be in front of the object. If the light source is at the side the shadows will be at the opposite side.


We are learning about shadows in science. Shadows are formed when the sun's beams are blocked by an object. In the morning the sun casts long shadows and at midday it casts small shadows.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gone Blogging

Class 4 have been blogging mad today. Posting was met with enthusiasm and ideas started to flow as we thought about all the things we could include in our posts. Look out for posts on the Tudors (our history topic) and some of our art work too!

- Miss J

Guide Dogs Visit

Some guide dogs came into our school on the 28th April 2008. The dogs' names are Maxie, who is a retired guide dog and Tracker, who is a training guide dog puppy. All guide dogs help blind people do all sorts of things like walking, running, and shopping. Guide dogs have special coats and harnesses to show that they are working. You should not disturb a guide dog when they are working.
Mrs Weaver is a guide dog puppy walker. She takes dogs on trains, buses and cars to get them used to the sounds. Usually they are scared of the sound when they are a puppy.

Guide Dog Safety

We are doing a project about Guide Dogs. They help blind people; they are a blind person's eyes. They are friendly and they don't bite. They stop at the right time at traffic and stop at the side of the road.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are dogs that help blind people . They came to our school on 28th April and their names where Maxie and Tracker. When they finish working they are back like normal dogs.

Guide Dogs Project Introduction

We are doing a project about The Guide Dogs for The Blind Association. People say a guide dog is a blind person's eyes. Also we are raising money for the Guide Dogs for The Blind Association. We are raising money by doing special activities. We are also watching videos about guide dogs and blind people.