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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ancient Civilizations

In class 9 we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and here are the facts, questions and answers we have researched.

Egypt and Egyptians
Egypt is mostly sand and desert, where nothing grows. The ancient Egyptians settled on the banks of the river Nile which ran all the way through Egypt. They had plenty of water for themselves and their crops.

Why were the Egyptians great?
The Egyptians were farmers that grew crops for their families and the Pharaohs. The farmers were very good at what they did and soon the Pharaohs became rich. So they gathered men and decided to make pyramids as tombs that they could be buried in.


Pyramids are huge temples made out of large stone blocks. Pyramids were built in many different shapes and sizes. Today there are about eighty pyramids standing in Egypt. At Giza there are the biggest three pyramids which were built for Pharaoh Khufa. The best known pyramid is called the 'Great Pyramid'.

Gods and Goddesses
The Egyptians loved to wear lucky charms. Their favorites were scarabs. The scarab beetle was sacred to the Sun god, Ra.

Priests had to wash twice during the day and twice at night, to make themselves clean and pure for their Gods.

Pictures above, left to right: Thoth/ Horus/ Ma'at/ Isis

By Randeep and Pavan

Friday, 26 September 2008

Costumes from Around the World.

Last week in art we looked at some beautiful costumes. The prettiest costumes were the wedding costumes which were from around the world.

Here is a British wedding dress.

  • The English costumes were the Bride costumes and the Halloween costumes.
  • After that we looked at African and Indian costumes.

These are Egyptian and Albanian costumes.

We also looked at other costumes like Greek and Roman costumes.

By Jankhana and Stelina.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Mysterious Dragonfly

We saw something in the playground. We picked it up and saw that it was a dragonfly. Then we walked around and we showed people. Some people thought it was beautiful and some people thought it was disgusting but we thought it was fascinating. The question that we are still trying to ask ourselves is why was a dragonfly in our playground because they are mainly found near water. So we took it inside the school and showed our teachers. Most teachers took pictures but were scared of the mysterious creature. Some teachers made an opinion that the wings were pretty.

By Malik and Mikey

Monday, 15 September 2008

A New Year, a New Class.

The holiday is becoming a dim memory, the class is settling in and we are well away into our new year. It means it is time for class 4 to hand the blogging baton over to class 9. Year 3 did an amazing job last year and year 5 are going to have to work very hard to top their work.

So here it is class 9. The blog is yours. Work hard, look after it and start thinking of posts!

Good luck.