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Friday, 23 May 2008

Sad News

Checking our blog this evening, I am devastated to find that most of our posts have been deleted. It can only have been done by someone in our class since our password is required to edit and delete posts. I can only assume that this act was deliberate since to delete all posts except mine would take clicking delete on 21 separate posts, posts which the children have worked on incredibly hard.

I am sad to think that someone in our class could be cruel enough to deliberately destroy the work of others. I know when the work was deleted because I was online at the time and I have the IP address and location of the only visitor to our blog at that time. I will follow this up.

Meanwhile I have tried very hard to save as much of your work as possible, class 4 and I will do my best to restore our blog. Since someone is determined to ruin our work, I have removed the class posting privileges until we solve this unhappy mystery.

- Miss J

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