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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Year Review

This year we've learnt a lot. Some lessons we learnt were fun and others were normal.

When school started we met each other and learned each other's names.

As a trip we walked in the local area around the school and talked all about land marks, different streets, shops and graffiti on the wall. Then it was Black History Month. We wrote projects for homework and did African dancing and percussion workshops.

In November the old man of Ilford came in to talk to us about life in Ilford in the past.

After we visited the Vine Church and learnt about Jesus and sang carols. The following day our school drama group performed a Nativity play. Then a pantomime group came to act out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

After the holidays we started our DT topic and we designed and made sandwiches which had to be healthy, balanced and attractive. Then we designed and made picture frames.

It was book week when we read a book, 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne. It was a book about a boy who always worried when he slept but, when he went to his granny's house his granny gave him worry dolls which he told his worries to and he never worried again. So we made our own worry dolls and wrote a book about what you can do with your worries. It was the book fair next where we could buy some books.

In R.E we learnt about guide dogs and a guide dog trainer came with her two guide dogs. One was called Maxie who was retired and the other dog was Tracker who was a puppy in training.

One of the Epping Forest Museum staff came in to talk to us about the Tudor timeline. Two people from our class, Yusuf and Keerthana dressed up into Tudor clothes. We had a trip to the Drama Centre and watched a play called How High is Up? In May we also started doing our class blog.

In history we were learning about Tudors so we went and visited the Eastbury Manor House in Barking, where we saw a Tudor house and discovered what the chores were like. In the same month it was Creative Arts Week and the theme was 'Traditional England'. We had a ceilidh in the playground. The week after it was Refugee week and learnt all about refugees and made posters to welcome new children to the school.

At the start of July we had our sports day. We went to Loxford Park and did several sports activities. We then had the summer fair where we sold lots of things including the clove oranges we made in Creative Arts Week. Then Open Hand Theatre Company came into school to act out the story of Henry VIII. Next we made some cakes to sell in our cake sale and had a competition. The competition was to guess the name of a puppy and the winner was Miss Sewell, the teacher of class 11. She won a toy guide dog and it came with it was a guide dog training jacket. Two days after was our class assembly. The day after that it was the school dance festival. There were 27 different dances; some Indian, some rock, some Albainian, some traditional English and many others. July was very busy!

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