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Friday, 28 November 2008

Art and Crafts

We have started art in class and we wanted to show you some of the things that we have done in the past term.

We have made hats for Egyptian Pharaohs and we had lots of fun. The hats are usually round with some sort of decoration to make the Pharaoh look important and special. The class made very different headdresses. Here are a few of them:

The materials we used included paper, glitter, paint, wool and cardboard. Pharaohs love being noticed and could get angry easily if they were not. Headdresses were meant to show off the faces of the Pharaohs.

By Randeep & Stelina


  1. i really like all the pictures

  2. Rhany
    i like what the subject is obout

  3. i like what the subject is about also the pictures

  4. love the pictures and great work

    from pavan