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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

About this year

Hello, our names are Neve and Cortney and our nicknames are Tinkz and Suga and this blog is
about our final year at Becontree primary.


First we will talk about SATs. For all you year fives out there going to be year sixs don't get stressed over SATs because they're easy. All the teachers will tell you everything you need to know and all you have to do is remember it really, that's all I did.
Our teachers helped us very much throughout the hard times.

Throughout year six

Me and Cortney have had so much fun and laughter this year. I can't explain it, really no seriously I can't, but by the way I said that I bet you can tell how much fun we have had with Miss Payson and Miss Jensen this year.

School year!

Me and Neve have had an excellent final year at Becontree . Our teachers have especially played a important role in our lives as they taught us well for our important SATs tests. As well as our mates who have encouraged us with making the right choices .

Moving on ! :)

Luckily for me and Neve we are both going to Eastbury Comprehensive School. Also our other mates Emma, Danielle, Bernard, Sohail and Charlie B are coming Eastbury.

Our final goodbye ! :)

Thank you Becontree for all our great years and happy moments . :)

Cortney and Neve ! :)

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