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Monday, 6 October 2008

Ancient Egyptians


The Ancient Egyptians are one of the many old generations. Egyptians were around at 3150 BC. The Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses, for example the sun god Ra. The Egyptians believed also in the after life, they also thought that their personalities would be judged when they died. The ancient Egyptians built many temples and pyramids. The first pyramid was the pyramid of Djoser that was called Saqqara. The biggest pyramid was called the Great Pyramid of Giza also known as Khufu's pyramid.


A pyramid has a square base. The pyramids are tombs that were for very important people. The pyramids are made out of sandstone blocks and have a base that is around 52,600 square metres. They are built in Cairo and the most famous pyramids are the pyramids of Giza. Pyramids are the most famous land marks in all of Egypt followed by the Valley of the Kings. They are one of the seven wonders of the world.


The Pharaohs were the rulers of Egypt. The Egyptians believed that they were like gods and worshiped them. The Pharaohs wore expensive items like gold nearly everyday. The youngest Pharaoh was Tutankhamun he was throned Pharaoh when he was nine and died when he was eighteen. He is the most recognisable Pharaoh.

His death mask was made out of solid gold which was worth millions of pounds. Many people say he died due to a open wound that was infected with bacteria.

Today tourists come to see the magnificent country of Egypt.

By Rezwana , Anayat and Harshita.