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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

New Playground Equipment

In assembly we found out that we had new playground equipment to play with at lunch time. The best were the lolo balls because they are fun and it's all most like flying and the feather fliers because they can fly high and twist in the air.

Lolo ball and feather flier

We have to look after our playground equipment otherwise it will be taken away from us.

The feather flier and the lolo balls are easy to break because we saw one in a tyre, broken and we saw a teacher holding a broken lolo ball. Before we line up to go inside we have to put them back nicely and tidy in the box.

There are more than 2 people in charge of the playground equipment every lunch time. There are all sorts of different things such as mega jacks balls and many more.

To be able to get the playground equipment we have to make a line outside the small playground. Some times what happens is we lose them because we don't look after them properly. If you do break the equipment you will have to go home, show your parents and might have to pay for it.

by Gulcan and Suraj.


  1. yes i think your right we have to look after our playground equiment i like it

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