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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Party

The Christmas party was our first but last party we had with Miss Jensen, who is unfortunately leaving and we will miss her a lot. The Christmas party was a blast. We had loads of fun. Class 9 had loads of food and drink at the party. The best part of the party was when all of Class 9 danced.

We were exhausted and out of breath at the end of the party. After we danced we had the delicious food. We had food like chocolate, cup cakes and for drinks we had Fanta, Coke and lemonade etc. Then we played all sorts of party games and we all had fab time. After a while we went into the hall and had a boogie with the rest of the year 5 classes and …

That was the most remember-able party that we had with Miss Jensen.

By Zarin and Anayat


  1. hey miss jensen i dont want you to leave but i will always remember you and how much fun we had together.adn also i love the blog posts.

    from pavan

  2. good post. i dont want miss jensen to leave. we had a great laugh at the party. wish you could stay. from zarin

  3. good post zarin and anayat