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Wednesday, 17 December 2008


In Literacy we have been writing our own poems for all types of different things. We would like to share some of our poems with you. Here is one that Stelina did:

My Old Bear

My old bear,
His name is Cuddles
He’s been with me through good and bad.

My old bear,
Is a peachy colour
Like the colour of honeycomb ice-cream.

My old bear is my most loved and that’s why he is mine.

This one is by Randeep:

The Wonderful Things in the World

The wonderful things in the world,
Can come from things like me,
From the glistening of the water
To the branches of the trees.

This is the one Rezwana did:

My Brother

My brother is very funny in all the things he does,
He’s so loving,
He’s cute and cuddly and is always up to something or another

He stumbles around the house,
His smile just cheers me up when I am glum and that’s why I love him.

By Rezwana, Stelina and Randeep


  1. love the all the poems esspecialy about My brother

    from pavan

  2. good poems and i like the poem about my old bear. well done for putting good effort into your poems

  3. I like it when you talk about my brother because I am always rude to him so I will try be nice to him now on.
    that was good

    By Niveen