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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Oxfam Donation

Once again I have been made immensely proud of my class. They have dug deep into their pockets again this year an together, in place of exchanging Christmas presents, we have raised an amazing £112 to spend at The children decided to spend this money on the following:

School dinners for 300 children
Emergency Clothes
Fix a well
Health check-ups (x2)
100 bars of soap
Plant 25 trees
5 bags of seeds
Safe water for 12 people

Last year the children in Class 4 raised and impressive £80. They spent it on:

Teaching a teacher
School dinners for 200 children
Build a little bit of a classroom (x2)
Safe water for 25 people
Help provide health check-ups
5 bags of seeds

The year before that my class raised more than £60 and that too was spent on Oxfam Unlimited. Over the last 3 years their (and my) donations have gone to help some of the world's most disadvantaged people. Thank you to both of my Class 4s, Class 9 and all the parents and school adults that have donated with us at Christmas. You have made a difference.

- Miss J

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  1. well done class 9 for raising a huge amount of money. your money will help a lot of people in crisis