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Monday, 19 January 2009

School Days

Hello!! my name is Callan and my pals are Kye and Billy and we go a school at Becontree primary school. At Becontree primary school the children often support WEST HAM! My pals Kye and Billy mess around like doughnuts. Often at Becontree we do lots of things like Maths, English and Science and also P.E. or art!

Hello! My name is Kye and my best pals are Callan and Billy. My favourite subject is Science and Maths.

Hello!! my name is Billy and I support WEST HAM and they're the best team in the world. At Becontree primary school most of the kids support Manchester United or WEST HAM or LIVERPOOL or Chelsea. But WEST HAM nearly beat Manchester. At Becontree primary school we do lots of things like subjects and they are really good. But my best subject is Maths and English, sometimes Science.

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