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Monday, 19 January 2009

My Best Friends

Since I have started Yr 6 I have made a lot friends who have cared for me so much that I have never felt as like that before in my school life. I suppose that you don't know me that much so here are a few things about me:
Birthday:3rd of February
Those are some details about me (you don't want too know too much, trust me). Back to the subject. My best friends are : Deja, Charlie, Joe,Tara and Neema.

Please remember that whatever you say that is unkind and you try to take those words back, you can't, so say nice things to each other. If you go to Becontree primary you know what is right from wrong so please if you have any problems talk to School Council, Buddies, class teachers, dinner ladies, teacher on duty, Mrs Kent and last but not least Mr Peacock. Follow the school rules, those will help you get thorough the whole year.

Thank you for reading. Please leave comments and see you at school :) '*)

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