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Friday, 9 January 2009

Christmas Presents!

Dear world,

We, Georgina and Emma, are here to tell you about what we got for Christmas.

I'm Georgina and I had a extremely brilliant Christmas. I had a lots of presents. I got, from my mum, a Nintendo Wii, bath things, a book, a phone, a giraffe hot water bottle and from my dad I got Jacqueline Wilson books, an art craft set, Hannah Montana colouring set, 5 Nintendo games, sweets, a selection box of chocolate, monopoly (the proper one), a calender, annuals of Doctor Who and Bratz, a pen, Wall-e and St trinians DVDs , Narnia Prince Caspian and from my brother I got a pair of Converse trainers which are so cool!

Hi, I'm Emma and I had a great Christmas as well. I didn't get as many presents as Georgina but thoroughly enjoyed them. From my mum, I got a new mobile phone and a mamma Mia DVD. From my dad I got a 2009 diary, 3 pens, a tiny cow and perfumes. From my brother I got Winnie the Pooh and Tigger slippers. From my nan I got Mario kart on Nintendo DS and a High School Musical locker. From my auntie I got an adult's make up set for my dancing and boots. I also got about £35 in cash.

So readers, give us comments!
from Emma and Georgina


  1. Hi, i'm Randeep and miss jensen might have remembered me and i really think you two are very lucky. i liked the post very much. Good work.

  2. love u guys!!Gr8 blog go u 2!!!U KNW WHO I AM BECAUSE I'M IN UR CLASS??

  3. Hi guys its Ria and Linda. We are just going to say good job and enjoy them presents

  4. hi,I'm Nebiyah nice post by the way i' a friend of randeep's.