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Friday, 9 January 2009

Christmas Presents!

Dear world,

We, Georgina and Emma, are here to tell you about what we got for Christmas.

I'm Georgina and I had a extremely brilliant Christmas. I had a lots of presents. I got, from my mum, a Nintendo Wii, bath things, a book, a phone, a giraffe hot water bottle and from my dad I got Jacqueline Wilson books, an art craft set, Hannah Montana colouring set, 5 Nintendo games, sweets, a selection box of chocolate, monopoly (the proper one), a calender, annuals of Doctor Who and Bratz, a pen, Wall-e and St trinians DVDs , Narnia Prince Caspian and from my brother I got a pair of Converse trainers which are so cool!

Hi, I'm Emma and I had a great Christmas as well. I didn't get as many presents as Georgina but thoroughly enjoyed them. From my mum, I got a new mobile phone and a mamma Mia DVD. From my dad I got a 2009 diary, 3 pens, a tiny cow and perfumes. From my brother I got Winnie the Pooh and Tigger slippers. From my nan I got Mario kart on Nintendo DS and a High School Musical locker. From my auntie I got an adult's make up set for my dancing and boots. I also got about £35 in cash.

So readers, give us comments!
from Emma and Georgina


  1. Hi, i'm Randeep and miss jensen might have remembered me and i really think you two are very lucky. i liked the post very much. Good work.

  2. love u guys!!Gr8 blog go u 2!!!U KNW WHO I AM BECAUSE I'M IN UR CLASS??

  3. Hi guys its Ria and Linda. We are just going to say good job and enjoy them presents

  4. nebiyah/nebs/gigles26 January 2009 at 19:45

    hi,I'm Nebiyah nice post by the way i' a friend of randeep's.