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Monday, 19 January 2009

An Exciting Week At Trewern!

Hey! Our names are Cortney and Tyla and we are going to tell you all about our amazing encounter at Trewern. It all started on our six hour journey to the border of Wales. Half way through our journey we all stopped for some rest and lunch. After we had all eaten our lunch we were able to set off for are other half of the trip.

Finally we arrived at our destination and had to take all the suitcases out of the bus before it left. Next we all had to meet up in the lounge and they told us all the instructions we needed to know. After being told we all set upstairs with our heavy suitcases. Next we had to unpack our luggage.

After an hour we all went on a night walk. When we got back we had hot chocolate and strolled up the stairs for bed. After doing so many exciting and giggly activities we finally reached the last day and were able to go see our parents. When we got back school was just ending and all the parents were waiting to see us.

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